The festival adds names such as Kelly Lee Owens, WOS, Romy and Nilüfer Yanya and national artists on the scene like Rigoberta Bandini, Alizzz and Cariño

They also reveal the full program for the Lasai stage

Bilbao BBK Live returns after a long break with renewed energy and the thrill of knowing that we will all meet again on July 7, 8 and 9 in Kobetamendi. This 2022 we are stronger than ever; driven by all of the encouragement we’ve received over these two long years and full of certainty that the fifteenth edition of the festival will be legendary even before it begins. The lineup for Bilbao BBK Live 2022 will feature more than 100 artists. From established stars to up-and-coming talents, these performers are strengthening the artistic plurality that is the trademark of this festival.

Today we close the Bilbao BBK Live lineup and start the countdown. There are only 100 days left until our long-awaited reunion in Kobetamendi. And we want to savour the moment by making a brief stop to look at the new list of names that includes Romy—one third of The xx—on the decks; the melancholic Londoner Nilüfer Yanya; and the Welsh Kelly Lee Owens, with her vocal pop and ambient atmosphere backed by big names in electronic music like Daniel Avery and James Greenwood. In this journey around the globe reviewing the origins of the artists that complete the festival’s line-up, the heartbreak singer-songwriter Snail Mail joins us all the way from from the United States with her newly released second album, and Argentina brings us the collage universe of SIMONA and the always political freestyle of WOS.

And all of this without forgetting the indispensable stop to check out the top names on the national scene. Rigoberta Bandini will fill Kobetamendi with energy through her liberating anthems and combative lyrics; Alizzz will present his latest album in his new facet as a performer; the pop of the trio Cariño will also be on Bilbao soil; and an entertaining-festive set will be provided by Mujeres. They will be joined by the neo rap of Erik Urano, and Yawners, Shego, Venturi, Axolotes Mexicanos, L-R and Depresión Sonora.

Each day of the festival will have a distinctive closing led by different DJ collectives on the decks: Topanga Kiddo, Brava and Alvva will take over the dancefloor on the first day of the festival, the eclectic rave led by party Chico Blanco together with 8kitoo y  b2bbs will close the second day to give way to CHICA GANG on the closing day of the event. Bulego, from Azkoitia, and the Basque electronic rock of Silitia are the finishing touches to the local confirmed artists of the festival.


In Kobetamendi the paths to euphoria are many; within the same space there are various options. An electronic forest? A space where time passes much slowly? Yes, all that and much more.

Every year Basoa welcomes world-renowned artists and emerging young talents, the host of endless party sessions. This edition features: The Blessed Madonna, Carl Craig, Helena Hauff, DJ Phyton, Lena Willikens, John Talabot and more. Located in a clearing in the leafy forest of Kobetamendi, Basoa invites you to lose yourself among electronic and experimental sounds—all in the middle of the idyllic forest setting of the Basque Country. A unique setting, an exceptional lineup and a precisely tuned sound system, the forest serves as a temple of escapism to immerse yourself in every day of the festival.

Lasai was born with the premise of not exceeding 100 beats per minute and has become the benchmark stage to pump the brakes, slow down and glide like a parachute—little by little, beat by beat. But all while leaving room for the masters of slow tempos and high intensities: from Japan to Stockholm, from collectives to duos, from dance to psychedelic. In Lasai time slows down and you can enjoy the space and the extraordinary views of the city of Bilbao. On July 7, the psychedelic rhythms and lo-fi electronica of Max Abysmal will arrive at Lasai alongside the dark DJ sets of Ivan Smagghe; the paranormal and progressive mix of Cosmo Vitelli; the imaginary slow and groove of the duo Front De Cadeaux; and the enigmatic Xamana Jones. Barcelona’s slow-tempo Iro Aka; trance and pop nostalgia from Dinamarca; the never-stereotypical Jan Schulte with his alter-ego Bufiman; Canada-based Chinese DJ Yu Su with her beautiful sound patterns; and the dark psychedelia of Charlotte Bendiks will all make the stage their own on the second day of the festival. The third day at Lasai will be led by the Ecuadorian Brian Piñeyro aka DJ Python. The producer will visit Bilbao BBK Live with two roles: in his deep facet presenting Más Amable, and with Sangre Nueva, his side project that together with the Colombian Florentino and the Dominican Kelman Duran (also DJing as a solo artist), give a new meaning to what we all know as reggaeton. This list is completed with the fusion of Galician folklore and Latin sounds by Clara!, the techno and drum’n’bass fusion of DJ Voices and Katza’s energetic but downtempo mix of post punk and psychedelia.


Throughout these two years, nature has followed its course and we return to the mountain with the greatest admiration and respect to enjoy and appreciate it alongside thousands of people in a unique environment and audiences from every corner of the world. To protect the space and minimize the potential negative impacts on the environment, the Organization establishes different measures to minimize waste, save water, the efficient use and distribution of energy, improvements in the sanitation network, green purchasing policy , and many more that have led it to obtain the sustainable festival certification by Erronka Garbia.

Additionally, Mount Arraiz—with privileged views of the venue and surrounding area, and Bilbao and the sea on the horizon—will be prepared to welcome the more than 10,000 campers who make the journey to Kobetamendi every year to live out the full Bilbao BBK Live experience.


As we’ve mentioned before, this 2022 we want to celebrate the festival the way it deserves, the way you deserve. Bilbao BBK Live returns with the commitment to not disappoint anyone and to make up for lost time.

Passes are on sale at a promotional price of €145 until April 28, with the option to pay in instalments. Day passes are also still on sale. We know that the international political climate is going through some tough times, so we want to do our part for this humanitarian disaster that we hope will end soon. With that in mind, we have added the option of donating up to €5 with the purchase of each pass, to which the festival will match. All the money raised will be donated to the Socio-Cultural and Development Cooperation Association Ukraine-Euskadi, with whom we had previously collaborated in Bilbao BBK Live, and which works to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine as well as for the social integration of the Ukrainian people recently arrived in the Basque Country. 

The organisers of Bilbao BBK Live are especially grateful for the support of all those who have kept their tickets as well as the Bilbao City Council which, together with the sponsors and collaborating institutions, make this event possible.

July 7, 8 and 9, 2022
Kobetamendi, Bilbao
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