LEINN ARTS CULTURAL & CREATIVE INDUSTRIES is the new educational approach that aims to train global citizens by developing professionally from day one as entrepreneurs in the Creative Industries.

● Registration for the 2020-21 academic year is now open, the course begins in Berlin in September 2020. The degree has a duration of 4 years, during which international stays will be made in Berlin, Bilbao, New York and Bogotá. More information is available at www.leinnarts.com.

●Three strategic partners (MU, TU and LT) come together to revolutionise the Creative and Cultural Industries through university education. They have more than 12 years of experience in entrepreneurship education, international training of global teams and leadership in the Creative and Cultural Industries at European level.

The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) are undoubtedly strategic and growing sectors in the world. The creative economy proposes clean, ecological and sustainable economic models and that is why countries implement these types of programs to activate, extract and retain their creative talent to  make it profitable, and as a result obtain an inexhaustible source of development, growth, competitiveness, differentiation and added value in both traditional and technology-based activities. In recent years, numerous statistics have proven the growing relevance of this sector and its impact on the development of the economy and the revitalization of cities. The creative economy contributes 6.1% to the global GDP (576 billion euros) and 3.3% to the state GDP. Berlin is the referent city in these industries in European level with a contribution of 12,3% to the GDP.

LEINN Arts Creative and Cultural Industries is the official European university degree of the University of Mondragón promoted by the laboratory of the Mondragón Team Academy in Berlin and created in collaboration with Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Travelling University, with more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship education and leadership in global teams, and with Last Tour, one of the most cutting-edge and innovative independent companies within the Cultural and Creative Industries. Mondragon Team Academy is an international community of more than 1,700 team entrepreneurs and change leaders. The MTA and LEINN’s impact is very striking and its spread throughout the world is an unusual phenomenon in the academic-university environment. It is an international development of which very few degrees offer and which is making the grounds of team entrepreneurship spread throughout the world. 97% of the graduates  have a job at the end of the studies, 56% generate their own businesses and 41% are intrapreneurs in existing companies.

This degree arises from the need of the CCIs to generate professional profiles that are part of the exponential growth of the sector and is aimed at those who seek to be the next entrepreneurs and creative changemakers in the creative industries. This learning process will equip them with the business knowledge and creative and entrepreneurial drive necessary to generate their own professional opportunities and lead successful projects and businesses.

Entrepreneurship is the protagonist of the program, in an artistic, creative and cultural setting where there are no students, but rather entrepreneurs developing their own cultural projects linked to the professional ecosystems of the leading cities in these disciplines: Berlin, Bilbao, New York and Bogotá.

The participants of the degree experience from day one the diversity/alternatives and advantages of this innovative educational model, adapted to today’s society that encourages entrepreneurship through experimentation: through the Learning by Doing methodology, in which students are not taught about entrepreneurship, but are given the tools and opportunities to establish their own businesses. The creation of international multidisciplinary entrepreneurial teams and teamwork play a leading role; to live in the leading countries in the sector is one of the keys to understand the Industry and to build a network, as well as  creative experimentation through workshops, masterclasses and mentoring sessions with experts, which enables the teams to generate innovative and disruptive business models.

Registration is now open and information can be requested at www.leinnarts.com. The course begins in Berlin in September 2020. The degree has a duration of 4 years, during which international stays will be made in Berlin, Bilbao, Bogotá and New York.


Mondragon Team Academy, also known as MTA World, is a global network of social innovation ecosystem labs. MTA was created in 2008, in close collaboration with TiimiAkatemia in Finland, as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship unit of the Faculty of Business at the University of Mondragón.

Currently, MTA is an international community of +2,000 entrepreneurs, with +80 created team companies and 13 MTA laboratories worldwide. MTA has 13 social innovation laboratories on the European, Asian and North American continents.

Travelling University was born within the MTA network as a transformative learning experiences platform that seeks to generate hybrid experiences and emotions. From its beginning, it has aimed to add the strength of different universities around the world to offer comprehensive experiences.

The Mondragon University Business School, through the Mondragon Team Academy, has been developing innovative methodologies in entrepreneurial education for more than 10 years and has become an important example, especially with the development of the European Official Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation ( LEINN) that is taught in the laboratories of: Irún, Oñati, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Querétaro, Puebla (Mexico), and Shanghai (China).


Last Tour is currently one of the most active and innovative cultural agents in Europe. Born as a promoter of tours and festivals (Azkena Rock Festival, Bilbao BBK Live, Donostia Festibala), the company’s activity in the music sector is nowadays broad and diverse encompassing record publishing, artist representation and advice on or the design of experiences for brands. With the creation of BIME, the most relevant professional meeting in the music industry today, Last Tour has also become one of the main driving forces of the sector in Europe and Latin America.


Mondragon University is a practical, innovative and committed university focused on the development of people, oriented to the needs of the company and society, designed to face the challenges of the real world and where knowledge and application have no borders.

It is a cooperative university that guarantees social accessibility through the involvement of companies and institutions, dual training, the development of the transfer of research and the provision of continuous training. It is specialized in engineering, business management, entrepreneurship, education, communication, cooperativism and gastronomy.

As for the quality of Mondragon Unibertsitatea national and international rankings endorse us. According to the U-Multirank ranking, Mondragon Unibertsitatea is in first place at the state level in the area of ​​knowledge transfer, and second in the dimension of commitment and contribution to regional development, and has also obtained the excellent rating. in attracting external financing.

Along with these three partners, a global network of collaborators participate in this project, among which FAIR SATURDAY stands out as a example in the development of a cultural movement with social impact, ASHOKA as an international network of social entrepreneurs and innovators with impact, and HUMANITY AT MUSIC cultural and artistic creation of the cooperative movement worldwide.