Historical band and one of the most influential rock bands in the country, they have release a song and video clip, Ordago

All of us who have been in this for a few years know very well, what was -then- and what has been -in the following decades- Delirium Tremens. 

Because Delirium will be 35 years old in 2022. Yes, this is a 35 year old band! And with a route that could be divided into two parts. The first one, 87/91, which they themselves drew and painted with their records and live shows, and a second, the longest, which has been dressing and making up each of our memories, until putting this trio-quartet in the place that occupies today. One of the most important and influential rock groups in this country. 

Born in the second rock band batch of Mutriku, they started with the demos, but especially with that album shared with the Navarrese Zarrapo. Hemen denak berdinak dira (87) with nothing less than a cemetery on the cover. Followed by the albums Ikusi eta ikasi (89) and Hiru aeroplano (90). The farewell was with the direct Bilbo Zuzenean 91-5-24

And so, on November 30, 1991, Delirium Tremens gave their last concert, of that first hit, in Venezia (Saturraran-Mutriku), and that is why it seems like a historical fact to announce precisely today, exactly 30 years from now of that farewell, the return of the group. Due to the coincidence of the anniversary, and because Delirium does not return to live off rent!!! They themselves realized this, the day they began to prepare the tribute to Iñigo Muguruza (1964-2019), a friend first and a member of the group later, and they realized that the “Delirium” of Andoni, Patxi and Juantxo were still “Tremens” as before. And they saw that the songs, the usual ones, continued to work, but there were new ones that were beginning to ask their place. It was clear, they had to make room for them. It was time to return! 

“We have prepared a whole album of new songs that will be released next spring. Today, we come to present just one of them. ‘Ordago’. And its video clip. And to tell you, we can’t wait to show all this in the stage”.

 “The return will take place on May 28 at the BEC. Yes, ‘Ordago’, betting the entire game! And that day the 25 years of Des-Kontrol and the 10 of McOnak will accompany us. 25 + 10 = 35” 

After 35 years, the diagnosis remains the same: Delirium Tremens in full health.